„On January 8 the 4D had an excursion to an English theatre. The play was called „Spooked“. It is based on Oscar Wilde’s “The Canterville ghost“. […] It´s about a family from America who bought Canterville Hall. In  Canterville Hall lives a ghost called Sir Simon de Canterville who killed his wife. His mortal soul was cursed by his wife. The wife of Sir Simon cast a spell, which could release him from the house. Virgina the daughter of the family wanted to help Sir Simon. She wanted to break the curse and she did it.“
Siyar, 4D

„I liked the play because it was funny and a little bit idiotic, but it was good.“
Aaron, 4D

„For me personally Washington Otis was the best and the funniest actor. The other ones were also good but Washington was the funniest. My favourite scene was when Sir Simon frightened Washington Otis. All in all, the play was very nice and I would recommend it everyone.“
Rabbaani, 4D

„I loved that the actors said that someone from the crowd should come up on stage and translate the English verses.“
Talha, 4D

„I enjoyed the play because the actors performed very well. It was such a pity that the length of the play was so short. I liked best the idea to ask some pupils on stage to help translate the riddle. The ghost’s costume was a bit strange. He looked like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.“
Pascal, 4D

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